Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Okay guys. I'm currently in the midst of watching Heartless but I honestly can't even really talk about this. I'm not going to give you guys any pictures of this, I don't want to be reminded of the scaries. :((((( It has scared the shit out of me to the point where I have been alternating between cowering under the blankets and screaming. I don't think I'll be able to sleep tonight... and I really don't think I am a coward when it comes to horrors at all. I have never been so scared by a film in my life. Fuck it man. Fuck it.

So yeah, DO NOT WANT unless you are a wizard or the bravest girl/boy in the room.  If you're really still wanting to know more about it there is a trailer up on youtube and a imdb page for it. I think it's quite an indie horror and not very well known. It's British and the acting is fucking superb but omg so many JUMP scenes with horrible demon sharp toothed human-esque creatures and creepy little girls. Also a man wrapped in gladwrap. wtf. FFFF

Has anyone heard anything about this film? Have you seen it?

Please, and I'm saying this because I think you guys are all wonderful cuties. Don't watch this unless you truly need a real fucking scare like never before. I regret getting this out from the video store. Not going to be able to sleep for weeks.

I am off to look at pictures of unicorns and bunnies.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Recommendations and an introduction?

I just realised I'd totally forgotten to make an intro post! Everyone calls me Nudge (curse my hard to pronounce name!) and I enjoy long shark attacks on the beach, perler beading, lolita fashion and being a creeper.
As an added bonus here's a picture of a hairbarette I made a few weeks ago. It's just perler beads with some ribbons. :B

Now I have a burning question to ask all of you.Can you recommend me any horror movies? I'm especially interested in arthouse and foreign films. Added bonus if it's a monster movie. I FUCKING LOVE MONSTER MOVIES.


The Crazies

The Crazies

I watched this movie last night. Shitty plot summary stolen from IMDB:
About the inhabitants of a small Iowa town suddenly plagued by insanity and then death after a mysterious toxin contaminates their water supply.
The Crazies is a remake of an older Romero film, I haven't seen the original, I found it really hard to find the original online and offline :( so I can't compare it to the first film yahdayadayada. Let me just say, this film is FUCKING AWESOME. I've heard it get a bad rap from a lot of my horrorbuff friends but I really enjoyed this. It's a pseudo-intellectual horror  about a town that gets "something" in the water that makes everyone go crazy and violent. Personally, I really enjoyed the army aspect of this film, it was really good to see what was happening from another perspective. The acting is fucking superb and while there are quite a few plotholes it's understandable as the movie is quite long and showing every single scene of people transporting themselves from one place to another would make the film over 5 hours! There are also no "jump"scenes which is something I highly commend. So many horror films these days rely on JUMPS! to scare the audience. A film that succeeds in scaring you and/or immersing you into the storyline without this style of footage is a film to see.

 Watch this if you enjoyed I Am Legend, Brotherhood Of The Wolf, Battle Royale or Ravenous.

Sorry if this seems garbled and silly. I am extremely hungover, saw Pendulum last night. WOOHOO!
Also Timothy Olyphant is really hot. :)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Horror Trolls

Okay, so I have this habit of calling crap movies trolls. In my opinion they are trolls, they live on the bottom shelf at your videostore, if you pick one up you have to put it back because it's so freakin ugly and if you actually watch one it may eat your soul. Haha! JK. So here are some of the worst horror movies I've seen.

Thir13een Ghosts
This looked so promising when I first spied it. I love haunted house horrors so a haunted house movie with 13 different ghosts sounded awesome. I was so wrong. Thir13een Ghosts is one of the biggest troll movies I've ever seen. It's almost as if the director got together with a bunch of people and said "Let's irltroll cinemas with this, it'll be so shit they'll have to laugh." Unfortunately no, it's so bad that it's not even funny bad. It's just bad. I don't really want to waste any more of my life on this film so I'm going to move onto the next troll. 

I'm from New Zealand and there is nothing I love more than a good kiwi film. This is not one of them. & as bad as I feel dissing a nz movie it has to be done. Diagnosis:Death has Jemaine, Rhys and Bret from Flight Of The Conchords in it. This troll succeeds in enticing you under its bridge with the cute and talented New Zealand actors and actresses, unfortunately the storyline makes you run screaming like a little child that's just seen a Taniwha. Two people meet in a weekend drug trial and they must figure out if the drug is giving them hallucinations or if the hospital is HAUNTED. Diagnosis:IDK really. I bought this, it is shit, but it is kinda tolerable thanks to the great acting. 

I'm gonna be really honest here. I fucking love this movie. I love it mainly for the brilliant acting but the awesome storyline. Teeth is a total irltroll. It entices you in with a cute girl, promise of lots of sex scenes and some good old blood and gore. What it doesn't tell you is how freaking awesome the main character is. I consider Teeth a troll movie because in plot summaries and trailers it doesn't really show a good summary of the movie. They show/talk about lots of lovely cinematography (true) and the awesome feminist perspective of the film BUT what the trailers and summaries don't tell you is the incest, penis gore, rape, gross old men, dog eating dick, dog eating pierced dick, etcetc.
Also, this movie is great for irltrolling if you wanna make a guy cringe. Ladies, get your husbando/boyfriend to watch this with you. They will crap themselves.

Friday, October 22, 2010

After Dark Horror Fest

The After Dark Horror Fest is an American horror movie festival that comes about every November (although this year's festival was brought out in Febuary). Most of the time I'm sorely disappointed by the lack of good films. There are some awesome ones though and as a horror buff I will tell what my personal recommendations are.

Lake Mungo is an Australian horror about a 16 year old girl who drowns whilst swimming at the local dam. Her death is said to be an accident and the family buries her. A series of clues however leads the family to rural Australia to discover their daughter's secret past.
Lake Mungo is a great Aussie film! The summary (I paraphrased from wiki :X) isn't really that enticing but the movie itself is brilliant! I'm all for f i l e s h a r i n g but please rent this movie out or buy it. It's a brilliant indie film that needs all the support it can get. :)

The Abandoned An adopted woman returns to her home country of Russia to the family home that she never knew and must face the mystery of her adoption that lies there.
The Abandoned is one of my favourite  films of all time! It is superb, and while not a typical horror film it is stunning. There are very few 'JUMP' scenes and most of the film is cinematography. Think back to 90's Japanese horrors; this film is of a very similar style to them. It is also a really neat representation of a different country.

The Hamiltons Four young adult siblings try to fend for themselves after the mysterious death of their parents.
 The Hamiltons is ...interesting... The director is a bit of a sick puppy and the special effects aren't really that great. The storyline and the acting is incredible though. It also has incest in it which is fucking weird...

There are some other great films from After Dark Horror Fest but also lots of trolls. Some other ones that I enjoyed are Penny Dreadful, Unrest and The Deaths of Ian Stone (FUCKING BRILLIANT).

Have you guys seen any ADHF films recently? What ones would you personally recommend? What's the worst horror film you've seen?


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Black Circle Boys

Black Circle Boys is a movie I've wanted to see for years! I first heard about it when I was a little 13 year old gothling. A friend had come over to hang out and we saw this on tv and tried to video tape it. Unfortunately there was a huge storm and the tv reception was really crap so all I ever got to see was one scene where a boy eats a frog in science class.
Back to present day, a few weeks ago I remembered wanting to see this movie again but I couldn't remember the title for the life of me! grr! Luckily google came to the rescue though. I'm pretty grumpy though, it's so fucking hard to find a copy of this anywhere. I've tried amazon, ebay, all the rest and there's nothing. I'm not even sure if there was a dvd released of this. It might only be on VHS. fml.

All-American Kyle is the newest initiate of the Black Circle Boys, an underworld society of gothic groupies whose primary interests are creating mayhem and studying the Occult. By the time he realizes he's in over his head, it may be too late!

If you wanna learn more about this film here is the link to it's imdb page.  The film itself doesn't really appeal to me anymore, but I just need to see it!


Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

Hi all, I thought I'd set up a blog to share my musings on life and movies. Let's start off with one of my favourite films Borat also known as Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan. Borat Sagdiyev is played by Sacha Baron Cohen, he is a popular Kazakhstan news reporter who decides to go to America to make a documentary film about the US of A for his country folk. I'm sure you all know the rest of the story. My favourite part is when Borat wrestles naked with his producer Azamat.

What's your favourite scene?

xx N