Friday, October 22, 2010

After Dark Horror Fest

The After Dark Horror Fest is an American horror movie festival that comes about every November (although this year's festival was brought out in Febuary). Most of the time I'm sorely disappointed by the lack of good films. There are some awesome ones though and as a horror buff I will tell what my personal recommendations are.

Lake Mungo is an Australian horror about a 16 year old girl who drowns whilst swimming at the local dam. Her death is said to be an accident and the family buries her. A series of clues however leads the family to rural Australia to discover their daughter's secret past.
Lake Mungo is a great Aussie film! The summary (I paraphrased from wiki :X) isn't really that enticing but the movie itself is brilliant! I'm all for f i l e s h a r i n g but please rent this movie out or buy it. It's a brilliant indie film that needs all the support it can get. :)

The Abandoned An adopted woman returns to her home country of Russia to the family home that she never knew and must face the mystery of her adoption that lies there.
The Abandoned is one of my favourite  films of all time! It is superb, and while not a typical horror film it is stunning. There are very few 'JUMP' scenes and most of the film is cinematography. Think back to 90's Japanese horrors; this film is of a very similar style to them. It is also a really neat representation of a different country.

The Hamiltons Four young adult siblings try to fend for themselves after the mysterious death of their parents.
 The Hamiltons is ...interesting... The director is a bit of a sick puppy and the special effects aren't really that great. The storyline and the acting is incredible though. It also has incest in it which is fucking weird...

There are some other great films from After Dark Horror Fest but also lots of trolls. Some other ones that I enjoyed are Penny Dreadful, Unrest and The Deaths of Ian Stone (FUCKING BRILLIANT).

Have you guys seen any ADHF films recently? What ones would you personally recommend? What's the worst horror film you've seen?



  1. Have you ever seen Undead, the Australian zombie movie? It's awesome :)

  2. I envy horror fans. I am a huge coward.

  3. Lake Mungo sounds like a good movie. I want to see it.

  4. i had been wanting to watch The Abandoned.

  5. I love scary movies, thanks for the recs I'm definitely going to look them up!

  6. Thanks for the recommendations! I am having horror movie marathons up until Halloween and need some new things to watch. I'll look these up, hopefully they are on netflix.

  7. Lots of trolls lol?! Can you describe those? xD

  8. Hahaha Ada! I'll do it in my next post just for you ;)