Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Black Circle Boys

Black Circle Boys is a movie I've wanted to see for years! I first heard about it when I was a little 13 year old gothling. A friend had come over to hang out and we saw this on tv and tried to video tape it. Unfortunately there was a huge storm and the tv reception was really crap so all I ever got to see was one scene where a boy eats a frog in science class.
Back to present day, a few weeks ago I remembered wanting to see this movie again but I couldn't remember the title for the life of me! grr! Luckily google came to the rescue though. I'm pretty grumpy though, it's so fucking hard to find a copy of this anywhere. I've tried amazon, ebay, all the rest and there's nothing. I'm not even sure if there was a dvd released of this. It might only be on VHS. fml.

All-American Kyle is the newest initiate of the Black Circle Boys, an underworld society of gothic groupies whose primary interests are creating mayhem and studying the Occult. By the time he realizes he's in over his head, it may be too late!

If you wanna learn more about this film here is the link to it's imdb page.  The film itself doesn't really appeal to me anymore, but I just need to see it!



  1. I've never even heard of it, but it looks interesting based on the cover alone.

  2. They have it on Netflix! :D I just checked!

  3. I've never heard of it. Maybe I'll watch it sometime.

  4. Haha, well I do love cheesey occult movies.