Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Recommendations and an introduction?

I just realised I'd totally forgotten to make an intro post! Everyone calls me Nudge (curse my hard to pronounce name!) and I enjoy long shark attacks on the beach, perler beading, lolita fashion and being a creeper.
As an added bonus here's a picture of a hairbarette I made a few weeks ago. It's just perler beads with some ribbons. :B

Now I have a burning question to ask all of you.Can you recommend me any horror movies? I'm especially interested in arthouse and foreign films. Added bonus if it's a monster movie. I FUCKING LOVE MONSTER MOVIES.



  1. Nudge is definitely like, the cutest nickname ever :) Also your hair barette is adorbs~

  2. I forget how 'horror' scary it is, but I know there was a new Sherlock Holmes released that had something of a monster movie twist to it. Heard it got bad-ish reviews, but I love Garreth David-Lloyd ( who acts in it ) and I dunno, it'd be cool to hear about it.

  3. You are seriously awesome at this perler stuff!

    Aaah, I watch so many horror movies but I usually forget about them right after I watch, most aren't too memorable... I haven't seen too many monster movies aside from the obvious (Godzilla, King Kong, The Host, Nosferatu, Creature from the Black Lagoon, etc.), but they're not really horror. Maybe Nightbreed? Attack of the Crab Monsters is pretty hilarious. The New Daughter had monsters in it.